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Zdeněk Ruda - ŠANCE

Retailer of mobile phones and accessories. Unlocking, repairs and service. Purchase and supply of used mobile phones.

náměstí Republiky 198, Bor

Ekodepon, s.r.o.

The operator's collection. Storage and disposal of hazardous waste. Take back portable batteries and selected types of household refrigerators.

Nádražní 2146/4, Bor

MK koupelny - interiéry, spol. s r.o.

Bathroom studio and rock shop provides, inter alia the implementation of housing reconstruction kernel and bathrooms. Interior and laying floors. Manufacture and installation of kitchen cupboards. Manufacture of kitchens, wardrobes and custom furniture.

Panenská 619, Tachov

Bc. Jaroslav Švábek - e-shop

Online retailer of housing, children's and office furniture.

Dlouhý Újezd 166, Dlouhý Újezd

MK koupelny - interiéry, spol. s r.o.

E-shop offering everything for your bathroom. On-line offer sanitary wares (boxes massage, steam bath, massage panels, shower). Furthermore, e-commerce offering beyond software to your bathrooms and saunas.

Panenská 619, Tachov

Petr Vrba - autobusová doprava

Operation of bus services.

Jana Ziky 1741, Tachov

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